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    The Weekly Standard made its debut on September 18, 1995. Edited by Stephen F. Hayes, the magazine is published 48 times a year by Clarity Media Group, which is a division of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Corporation. We invite you to look inside the magazine to see what it’s about, department by department. And also to see who besides Slate thinks The Weekly Standard is must reading.

    We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the big benefits of being a subscriber. Late Thursday night, when we send the magazine to our printer, we also format the new issue so that we can post it on this site. Subscribers can open up the latest issue and read the editorial or the parody or that big piece splashed on the cover—or even the entire magazine. Subscribers can also read back issues in our Virtual Library. To enjoy these benefits, a subscriber registers simply by choosing a password. The staff of The Weekly Standard also produces WeeklyStandard.com, which features reporting and comments on the news of the day.

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    If you want to give it away, post it here and together we’ll make better use of our resources, save the environment and save money!

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    A place for inventors and entrepreneurs to meet, greet and discuss the concepts presented in ‘Bill Chandler’s ‘The Ultimate Inventor’s Handbook.’

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    Join the group to enhance your user experience as we will highlight the many powerful and effective features available to yourself, your organization or your business on the Constitution Network.

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    “LibertyBugle.com” is an online news website.
    It is more than just another website that amalgamates stories that are shared on social media. In addition to publishing current dynamic breaking news and in depth articles that educate, advise, motivate and encourage its readers, LibertyBugle.com has the goal of also providing suggestions/directions for readers to act upon this information for the betterment of their lives, as well as the community and nation in which they live.

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    The unofficial group page for The American Conservative, published by the American Ideas Institute. We believe in constitutional government, fiscal prudence, sound monetary policy, clearly delineated borders, protection of civil liberties, authentically free markets, and restraint in foreign policy mixed with diplomatic acuity. We adhere closely to our institutional maxim: ideas over ideology; principles over party.

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    Your Constitution Network home for conservative talk, humor and hard-hitting truth about the fundamental right to bear arms that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare discuss. Join today to interact with Mark and team. http://www.armedamericanradio.org

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    This is the unofficial group of The Heritage Foundation whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

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    The unofficial group page of The American Spectator magazine, published by the American Spectator Foundation, which educates the public on new ideas, concepts, and policies that favor traditional American values, such as economic freedom, individual liberty, self-sufficiency, and limited government. The magazine is published remarkably without regard to gender, lifestyle, race, color, creed, physical handicap, or national origin.

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    Kitap’s only Live and Local show featuring the latest topics, relevant guests and fun interaction.

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    The unofficial group page of the Constitution Party, whose mission is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election, at all levels of government, of Constitution Party candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions.

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  • 2017 Shot Show
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    Join for an in-depth and interactive look at the largest gun expo in the world. Featuring interviews, product reviews and tons of exclusive content from Las Vegas.

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    An unofficial page for Imprimis, the free monthly speech digest of Hillsdale College and is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering cultural, economic, political, and educational issues. The content of Imprimis is drawn from speeches delivered to Hillsdale College-hosted events. First published in 1972, Imprimis is one of the most widely circulated opinion publications in the nation with over 3.7 million subscribers.

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    If you are ready to work to protect our fundamental freedoms, to fight for a smarter and more efficient government, and to ensure that every American has an equal opportunity to succeed, then join us on this unofficial page of the Republican Party. There are many GOP communities you can join and many ways you can get involved.

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    After three years as a killing field slave, seventeen-year-old Bun Yom escaped from the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields and became a “Freedom Fighter.” Using his wisdom, courage and unprecedented compassion, Bun rescued thousands of Cambodian people and soon became the Cambodian Freedom army’s greatest soldier. This is his story.

    Tomorrow I’m Dead is the only known first-person account of the Freedom Fighter’s heroic liberation of slaves from the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields.

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    Please. Please. Pretty Please. Come back to Facebook. I have changed. We have changed. We promise to only monitor and moderate Second Amendment supporters and conservatives sharing values. For the rest of you, we are offering free advertising (upon approval of course).

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    The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is a nonprofit veterans service organization comprised of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard and reserve forces.

    We trace our roots back to 1899 when veterans of the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902) founded local organizations to secure rights and benefits for their service. Many arrived home wounded or sick. There was no medical care or veterans’ pension for them, and they were left to care for themselves.

    In their misery, some of these veterans banded together and formed organizations that would eventually band together and become known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. After chapters were formed in Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania, the movement quickly gained momentum. Today, membership stands at nearly 1.7 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliary.

    Our voice was instrumental in establishing the Veterans Administration, development of the national cemetery system, in the fight for compensation for Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange and for veterans diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome. In 2008, we won a long-fought victory with the passing of a GI Bill for the 21st Century, giving expanded educational benefits to America’s active duty service members, and members of the guard and reserves, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were the driving force behind the Veterans Access and Accountability Act of 2014, and continually fight for improved VA medical centers services for women veterans.

    Besides helping fund the creation of the Vietnam, Korean War, World War II and Women in Military Service memorials, in 2005 the VFW became the first veterans’ organization to contribute to building the new Disabled Veterans for Life Memorial, which opened in November 2010. And in 2015, we became the first supporter of the National Desert Storm War Memorial which is planned for construction at our nation’s capital.

    We have many programs and services that work to support veterans, service members and their families, as well as communities worldwide. Please check out our latest fact sheet or spend some time browsing our site to learn why No One Does More For Veterans.

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    This is an unofficial website dedicated to support The American Legion of the United States of America. In 1919 The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow servicemembers and veterans.

    Hundreds of local American Legion programs and activities strengthen the nation one community at a time. American Legion Baseball is one of the nation’s most successful amateur athletic programs, educating young people about the importance of sportsmanship, citizenship and fitness. The Operation Comfort Warriors program supports recovering wounded warriors and their families, providing them with “comfort items” and the kind of support that makes a hospital feel a little bit more like home. The Legion also raises millions of dollars in donations at the local, state and national levels to help veterans and their families during times of need and to provide college scholarship opportunities.

    The American Legion is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization with great political influence perpetuated by its grass-roots involvement in the legislation process from local districts to Capitol Hill. Legionnaires’ sense of obligation to community, state and nation drives an honest advocacy for veterans in Washington. The Legion stands behind the issues most important to the nation’s veterans community, backed by resolutions passed by volunteer leadership.

    The American Legion’s success depends entirely on active membership, participation and volunteerism. The organization belongs to the people it serves and the communities in which it thrives.

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    Your opportunity to mock and share the incessantly vapid content from posts and shares from the FB “social network”. All group members are encouraged to be as vulgar and transparent as possible in rants and humor.

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    It’s just that simple. If you love watching the cutest of the cute animal videos out there then this is the group for you. Join our group and post the very cutest for the rest of us to enjoy!

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