• Roger Anghis posted an update July 11, 2018 7:01 pm

    Islam’s tolerance for other religions is on display again.
    A Dozen Christian Villages in Nigeria Wiped Out in Four-Day Killing Spree
    Most of the victims were in their homes sleeping when the attacks began … when Muslim FulaniThe Fulani are a large ethnic group in West Africa. A third of all Fulani people are pastoralists, making them the largest nomadic community in the world. militant herdsmen began their killing spree in Nigeria that lasted four days, Thursday through Sunday evening and into Monday.
    In only days, a dozen villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state were wiped out. The affected communities surround the city of Jos—known as the epicenter of Christianity in northern Nigeria’s Middle Belt.
    As many as 200 Christians had been killed, however, some residents fear the death toll may be even higher, as more bodies are yet to be recovered, while others were burned beyond recognition. On Sunday, 75 of the victims were buried in a mass grave.
    Read more here: https://www.opendoorsusa.org/christian-persecution/stories/a-dozen-christian-villages-in-nigeria-wiped-out-in-four-day-killing-spree/