• Roger Anghis posted an update August 12, 2018 12:26 pm

    The arrogance of these people is amazing!
    You’ll Never Guess Who CNN Compared Its Reporters To
    Twitter responded harshly after CNN ran an opinion piece that dared to equate journalists with combat veterans, marginalizing the sacrifice of our brave servicemembers.
    Leah Barkoukis, at Townhall, writes:
    Joseph Holt, a University of Notre Dame professor of ethics, wrote a piece condemning President Trump’s repeated labeling of the press as the “enemy of the people.” While he acknowledges that journalists make mistakes, he also says at its best, the press “is like a guardian angel that caringly and capably protects us from harm.”
    Ultimately, he concludes that because of this, they are just like soldiers.
    “We thank soldiers for their service because they devote themselves to protecting our freedoms, and we should,” he said. “But we should also thank the media for the same reason — especially when the stakes have never been higher.”
    Read more here: http://americanactionnews.com/articles/you-ll-never-guess-who-cnn-compared-its-reporters-to