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    Monstercast for March 25, 2018

    I’m going to go backwards here from Hour 3 and save the best for last. That’s not a knock on Charles Heller or AWR Hawkins but only to point out that Alan Gottlieb gave us our “Come to Jesus” battle cry last night, and I hope you were paying attention.

    Hour 3, Heller told us why we needed to be paying attention to the gun-control push in Arizona, the most gun-friendly state in the nation. Why? Because they’re showing you what they want for YOU.

    Hour 2, Hawkins was the award-winning journalist he always is each week on AAR. He brought it like nobody else can, and you’ll hear his take on the week’s events.

    Hour 1, Gottlieb. I won’t give it all away here, but suffice to say that Alan, in no uncertain terms, laid bare the threat we’re under as gun owners. Coming from the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, the man who is widely regarded as the nation’s preeminent expert and defender of 2A rights with more than 40 years in this battle, this is no small warning. Listen to him, take him to heart and get involved.

    There is no other option now.

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