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    Please take the time to remember what INDEPENDENCE DAY is really all about. And, see to it that generations that follow understand that it is so much more than BBQ, Beer, & Fireworks. It is being hijacked by just about everyone, for everything from furniture “sales”, to things far more sinister. It is their right, guaranteed by our constitution to do so. But WE THE PEOPLE alone, each have the responsibility to see to it that what we are really celebrating isn’t forgotten. Mainstream media WILL NOT remind us! The communist/socialist agenda, so prevalent in the mainstream media, would rather sidetrack us all. Today isn’t about BBQ, or Fireworks, or Parades, or Beer, or even another Paid Day Off. It isn’t “Fireworks Day”, or “USA DAY”, or even “AMERICA’S BIRTHDAY”, as you have undoubtedly seen everywhere. It IS “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, and what we are celebrating is a declaration of WAR. And, what the socialists and politicians don’t want us to have on our minds is that what we originally fought our REVOLUTION over was TAXES! The American Colonists objected to paying ONE months wages per year in taxes. The tea tax finally pushed too far, and the rest is history.

    Today, the average taxpayer “contributes”(a politicians word for compulsory taxes) nearly FIVE months wages in taxes. Five times what our founders fought a REVOLUTION over! Five times what they were willing to die over!
    Over the years, politicians have done whatever they could to hide just how much of your money they take (in some cases steal). They pass laws, without your vote, that “automatically” raise your taxes (that way you can’t blame them for each increase). They make “allowances” to enable your employer to “withhold” taxes from your paycheck (if you never have it in your hand, you’ll never miss it). And the real topper, they tax taxes (the truest form of taxation without representation). EXACTLY what the REVOLUTION was about!!

    Over the years, politicians and activist judges, have also done their best to bastardize our CONSTITUTION. Some even claim that it is a “living document”, that needs to “evolve”. The best example of which is the SECOND AMENDMENT. The BILL OF RIGHTS is a document written to protect us from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! To allow ANYONE to change it, is exactly contrary to what the founders intended. The reason that the founders wrote the SECOND AMENDMENT, was to insure each individual the right to take up arms against those that would attempt to change or “evolve” what they died to give future generations. It is intended to give each individual the tools necessary to take on the government, should the need for revolution ever arise again! To allow the government to inhibit, or control, what arms you can, or cannot own, is to insure that they (the government & politicians) always have the upper hand, thus protecting themselves and their irresponsible and greedy actions from an armed response from YOU the AMERICAN public. If they want to restrict where and when I can use a weapon, that’s fine! They should NOT be able to restrict what I can or cannot OWN. That is an infringement on our RIGHTS under the SECOND AMENDMENT. I have read the SECOND AMENDMENT literally a thousand times, and nowhere in it is there a caveat or exception. There is no language that strips the rights of convicted felons, crazy people, drug users, domestic abusers, or anyone that is a lawful citizen. That’s because The Founders (at the time) didn’t ever think that anyone who could be trusted out walking around among the citizenry should have their rights infringed upon either. Dangerous or crazy people were locked up until such time as they were deemed safe, or had otherwise paid their debt to society. Those who had committed and been convicted of the most heinous crimes were executed. How far we have strayed from those days of simplicity in justice is a testiment to corruption government.

    Having said all of this, I want everyone to understand that I’m not advocating an armed uprising today. All that I’m saying, is that history does repeat itself, and those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. I know it may sound cliché, but just take the time to think about it. Especially TODAY!

    So, go watch a parade, have a BBQ, drink beer, watch the fireworks, and enjoy your families. But, remember that the FREEDOM to do so came at the price of blood, sweat, and tears of two hundred forty two years of people, like you and me, fighting and dying to give future generations the rights we all take for granted.
    After so many have sacrificed so much, it seems like such a little thing to ask that you take a minute to remember what it’s really all about. It originated so long ago, that with the day-to-day hustle it’s easy to forget that we reap the benefits paid for at the greatest expense. I will personally be honoring a combat veteran today…..you might consider doing the same in some way.