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    After 20 years of tragedies – https://www.heritage.org/education/commentary/3-common-traits-school-shooters

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    • Would add (in most instances) the influence of psychotropic drugs ,
      gun-free soft targets, and violent video games.

    • Any positive movement in the mental health area for gun violence will be done by the right. The horrid left will never give up its narrative of taking the guns. Never. Large government, and total CONTROL is all the left sees.

    • Back when I was much younger growing up in the 50s-60s almost everyone I knew owned a firearm. Like so many others have written it was very common to see rifles in stored in pick up truck window racks at the local High School. It was no big deal and I don’t recall ever hearing about school shootings. Like so many others I have to ask myself, “What’s changed since then”? I suppose the convenient answer would be “everything” has changed. Two items, however, stand out in my thinking. 1) Intact families with a responsible dad and mom – LBJ’s “Great Society” changed all of that over time. No reason for families to stay together when Uncle Sugar, the Gov’t, will provide for every one’s needs cradle to grave. 2) Demise of Religion in society which sadly diminished personal ethics and morality – I saw this begin with the “God is dead” and “situational ethics” movements in the 1970s. As a People my opinion is that we are at the nadir of these harmful effects upon society. Do I have a way of solving these issues? Unfortunately I don’t. However, in my mind, being able to define the problem is a starting place for me. Thanks for listening.