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    My son took me to a posh karaoke club about four blocks from my home. We made the short walk and it was like being in another world. A group of millennials were enjoying a singles group event, which was highlighted by a pair of people with short straws in their mouth and trying to pass a rubber band from one person to another, as the triphop was blaring in the background. Thankfully, I can barely hear on a good day. Apparently, the place has a Hong Kong style “dance night” on Saturday nights, which features a Vegas style no rules approach to “hooking up”. The owner, Stone, grew up near Shanghai, and his father has given him a healthy financial backing to establish and run the lounge. As an exchange student undergrad, he interned for former Washington State Attorney General Rob Mckenna, who someone won the seat as a conservative. Only in America! http://stonebellevue.com/