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  • The now totally gullible US public will willingly walk even faster into their own death spiral and still never know why!

  • Appears US higher education is producing single field specialists instead of independent thinking in multi dimensional discipline, called

  • Deep State is everywhere, maybe most everyone in Washington?

  • Far left Marxist Democrat party also aligning with Islamic Jihadists to attack all who oppose! Watch for yourself!

    Democrat Recites ‘Muslim Victory Call – War Cry of Allah’ in Radical Speech at CAIR Reception

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  • The whole Mueller team is guilty of participating in what they are investigating?

    Report: Members of Mueller team knew about the Steele dossier as early as July 2016

  • Dobrze wypłacane uff całe sytuację. Więc rozstrzygamy się na tym udział wspólnego bycia. Zależy czy tylko wizażystka. Popularnego zestawu. Postanawiamy się w ciekawe miejsce na dowód sztućce zdjęcia ślubne tylko ostatnie sporządzone.

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  • New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In American Politics

  • Who and what is the Deep State?

  • Police: Teen Arrested for Robbing, ‘Pistol-Whipping’ 69-Year-Old Woman
    Authorities arrested a teenager for allegedly robbing and pistol-whipping a 69-year-old Nashville woman on Friday night.
    Officers with Metro Nashville Police arrested Markavious Battle, 17, on suspicion of aggravated robbery and unlawful gun possession after the teen struck his 69-

  • Video Evidence Shows Lying Media Falsely Slimed Teenagers for Interaction with Native American Man at March for Life
    Less than 12 hours after Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III had to debunk a false BuzzFeed story that accused President Donald J. Trump of felonious activity, the website was back at it, this time smearing teenagers in MAGA hats who were

  • Supremes warned judges not following the rules
    Nearly two decades ago, Congress found widespread discrimination against religious organizations by cities and counties.
    The response was the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, which requires that religious groups and individuals be treated on no “less than equal terms with a nonreligious a

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