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  • What do you think about this?

    Corrupt politicized US media is totally guilty! I suggest starting a class action lawsuit against the guilty in US media representing every American Trump supporter to receive 1 million dollars each, in cash, to fix this problem quickly, punishing the media and their misguided owners! They have suffered enough! 60…[Read more]

  • Democrats Are Plotting This Fake Disaster to Push For Gun Control

    Gun grabbers are always cooking up ways to violate the Second Amendment.

    That’s why it’s important to fight against gun control full-stop because Democrats will try to take a mile if you give them an inch.

    Now the Democrats are already working on a new scheme to take away you…[Read more]

  • Destroying America From Within, Part 5

    The next phase is the exploitation of our laws. In America we have the freedom of religion and muslims take full advantage of that. One of the things about the Islamic culture is their women must be covered, Some times it’s just a head scarf sometimes their whole body must be covered with only slits for e…[Read more]

  • Think about this video! It all started way back in 1980! We now have our last chance to finally fix it and thrive! But the Democrat Party with the help of may Republicans, quickly slides to convince Americans, communism is the only way! Sounds familiar in…[Read more]

  • The now rabid Democrat Party with it’s Deep State and complicit media have made our southern border reality an unprecedented living hell!

    Border Patrol: US Facing ‘Unprecedented’ Immigration Crisis at Border

  • This attempted coup to overthrow the president of the United States has just failed! Now it’s time to drain the SWAMP!

    It Is Time To Call This Mueller Investigation What It IS, TREASON!

  • Google helping China to completely enslave whole population! Their AI managed data systems are for sale and used worldwide! You can be guaranteed the unlimited deep pockets of the US elite and deep state already have your data too!…[Read more]

  • Still in politics bypassing our government? Over ruling the president? She actually paid for the 3 year witch hunt with Obama’s approval! Why is she still free?

  • Best way to quick fix the Left politicized US media is all conservatives & Trump supporters join for a class action lawsuit on political bias and economic loss for each to be paid $1 million each!

    Donald Trump, Jr. blasts the New York Times over biased headlines

  • To remove guns from the population would require the Constitution be changed or removed, or Socialism. In all history, the first step to full blown communism with a dictator!

    That Pesky Little Thing Called the Constitution

  • Who is Melania???

    Melania Trump Fast Facts (Number 4 Will Shock You!)

  • No.1 Enemy of the US Constitution is identity politics! That means the US Democrat party IS the No.1 Enemy of the United States!

    Crenshaw warns of dangers of identity politics in America

  • More exposing Obama was complicit and supportive of Trump witch hunt! Lock him up! He is also part of Deep State!

    New Texts Show Obama Was Briefed On ‘Deep State’ Spying Operation Against Trump

  • Insane but true! They still using up the billions given to Iran exactly for this by Obama, in his last weeks on office! That is OUR money paying for terror!

    Islamic Terrorists Get Paid More than Doctors and Judges by Palestinian Authority

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    Firearms and Self-Defense Links for 3.23.19

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