It’s Time To Detach Ourselves From The Mainstream Media

The one successful endeavor of the tech revolution that there exists a universal consensus, is that the prevalence of devices and platforms have created a decentralized source of reliable information. Smartphones, devices, computers, internet and social networking provide citizens with almost limitless resources in creating content and the ability to inform a captive audience. Subjects […]

Incumbent Democrats Fail To Applaud Or Stand For Veteran’s Wife At Presidential Address

With brains cells apparently still compromised by the prehistoric residue from pipes ushering in the peace movement, the usual suspects of Democratic rulers including Pelosi, Sanders, Wasserman Schultz, and women of the Democratic caucus exercised their free rights to remain in a stoic state of programmed stasis (probably brought on by a Soros influx of shared capital) during President Trump’s recognition […]

Freedom Fighter Mike Pence

From America’s 1st Freedom- Pro-gun candidates don’t come any better than Mike Pence. Pence has fought for our Second Amendment-protected freedoms as a member of Congress, as governor of Indiana and now as a vice-presidential candidate, having been chosen by Donald Trump as his running mate in this year’s race for the White House.  Read […]