Goodbye To The First Amendment?

Sometimes, when you’re so deeply immersed in the matters at hand, you lose sight of the bigger picture. Hence the statement: “S/he can’t see the forest for the trees.”[adsenseyu2]

On such occasions is when an outsider’s perspective can be valuable and helpful.

Pat Condell provides a unique view from across the pond on American’s current regard for their First Amendment rights and their slippery slope in the excerpt below.

Condell cites the trouble the First Amendment causes in the modern world as it affords people “the right to express any opinion they like and to say things that are true, but incorrect.”

He assess the value of the U.S. Constitution’s preoccupation with individual freedom and a host of universal liberties .

That’s precisely why the Constitution Network exists and aspires to provide an environment that upholds the fundamental liberties, guiding principles and values “enshrined in the Constitution that have made America the global superpower that it is and have enabled its culture to enrich the world as much or more than any in human history.”

Enjoy this reminder and also enjoy the Constitution Network.

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