In the current framework of the news cycle, justifiable acts of self-defense are skillfully mislabeled, hidden or misinterpreted by the media and anti-firearms pundits. is a grassroots movement of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is a call to action, a call for self-education, and a 21 gun salute to the many good men and women who fought and died to bring America into being. Check out the daily news links which covers the whole gamut of the firearms universe from self-defense news, legislation and policy and the latest release of industry products.

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    \"Here is what the left is sending out\" Dear MoveOn member, On Saturday, students across the country led the largest marches against gun violence in history in an awesome display of people-power—and tens of thousands of MoveOn members joined the March for Our Lives actions that demanded politicians protect our kids and our communities, not the NRA. Thanks to the donations of MoveOn members, MoveOn also contributed in another way to this historic action—launching billboards and airplane banners around the country to pressure Republicans who day after day do the bidding of the NRA. These billboards are already having an impact, which is why we want to put up even more of them. Can you chip in $3 to help us launch more billboards in crucial congressional districts around the country? Here\'s one of the billboards outside Chicago, asking Republican Representative Pete Roskam, \"How many dead kids until you say no to the NRA?\" unnamed