Incumbent Democrats Fail To Applaud Or Stand For Veteran’s Wife At Presidential Address

With brains cells apparently still compromised by the prehistoric residue from pipes ushering in the peace movement, the usual suspects of Democratic rulers including Pelosi, Sanders, Wasserman Schultz, and women of the Democratic caucus exercised their free rights to remain in a stoic state of programmed stasis (probably brought on by a Soros influx of shared capital) during President Trump’s recognition of military widow Carry Owens.  The unbelievably deplorable and reprehensible lack of response to honoring a fallen veteran, has naturally sparked a public backlash to a group of politicians already facing a public relations crises.  Screen shots taken from C-Span footage shows a majority of Democrats smug and listless, during Trump’s speech to Owens, whose husband died in a January raid of an al Qaeda compound in Yemen.  Read the full story from Town Hall here. 

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