It’s Time To Detach Ourselves From The Mainstream Media

The one successful endeavor of the tech revolution that there exists a universal consensus, is that the prevalence of devices and platforms have created a decentralized source of reliable information. Smartphones, devices, computers, internet and social networking provide citizens with almost limitless resources in creating content and the ability to inform a captive audience. Subjects and incidents that are not reported on by the professional media, reach the public through the efforts of individuals and thanks to the free sharing of digital information, will one day replace the current journalistic infrastructure. As we reach the threshold of the mass media becoming obsolete, it is important that we take proper care to ensure that future of the “news” is in good hands.

The initial step is to simply wean ourselves off the talking heads, broadcast voices and print moguls, in allowing the idea of the citizen journalist to flourish. While the public figures of media we let into our homes are entertaining, trustworthy, and in some cases soothing in these tumultuous rigors of an ideological battle, they are ultimately constrained by the folks who write the checks. As much as I enjoy listening to Michael Medved, the reasonable midday voice of independent conservatism, is an optimistic businessman, and god bless him, the show airing is contingent on his multiple advertising contracts. While I am certainly not as gifted a communicator as Mr. Medved, I am supremely confident in my ability to discern whether something is right and or wrong, and to inform my contemporaries, family and friends as to the details. The one huge advantage that we have over the mainstream media, is the lack of constraints which we face in voicing, broadcasting or blogging our opinions. Even the consistent Fox News, is forced to tiptoe around sensitive subjects, as the corporation can face the reality of a debilitating backlash if the talent oversteps the confines of controversy.

And this is where step one begins, at the Constitution Network. We are so blessed to have access to this wonderful and creative platform, and we have the luxury of time in honing our skills as being news hounds and purveyors of content in putting up a good fight against the foe that is our fellow citizens, who see things from a different perspective, and who are negatively influenced by powerful individuals with a truly haunting agenda.   

I urge every user on the Constitution Network to share what is happening in your community in the form of pictures, videos and posts, so that we can discuss possible options or solutions in maintain our basic constitutional rights. Exciting or boring, disturbing or just a little bit off, it is important that we take full advantage of this resource and keep an open dialogue marked by the quest for governmental transparency at all levels.

I will share this anecdote which illustrates how we can make a difference. A friend sent me a message that her son had been suspended from school for apparently talking about the possibility of North Korea bombing the US, as he rode the bus to school. One of his classmates, who is of Korean origin, overheard the comment and literally asked one of the teachers if her parents were going to bomb the US. Simple facts, the boy was 9, the girl was 5, and the asinine administrator instead of turning into a true teaching moment, decided to inexplicably order punishment for my friend’s son. As a single parent, she lost a half a days wage in driving all the way from work topick the kid up, all because of a leftist bureaucrat, who should be nowhere near children. As a result of the incident, we turned to social networking in making sure that everyone in our immediate sphere of influence was aware of the injustice and the story grew to a level where the school board eventually reprimanded the offending individual.  

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