• Roger Anghis posted an update September 16, 2018 7:09 am

    We Don’t Want To Get Involved: Children Suffer Under A Silent Church, Part 3
    What doesn’t help is when our judicial system attempts to force situations on our children and there doesn’t appear to be any opposition. In Kansas City a ‘judge’ has decided that boys and girls will share ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms! If this is not a judicial overreach of biblical proportions I don’t know what is. No more separate restrooms for boys and girls, with rows of feet-showing stalls. The North Kansas City school district is going fully gender neutral at two new elementary schools, opening on Wednesday, as well as in a few renovated restrooms in North Kansas City High School and the sixth-grade centers.

    The bathrooms still have an open alcove area with a common trough sink, but the toilets are enclosed inside individual stalls with floor-to-ceiling walls and lockable doors.

    A single sign on the wall outside displays both the male and female symbols.[1] [Link] What else complicates this is a total acceptance of this insanity by the schools AND the parents. “We had such positive feedback from students, teachers and parents,” said Rochel Daniels, executive director of organizational development for the district. “Since then we have decided to replicate the concept in any new construction.” That included the newly built Rising Hill Elementary on Northeast 108th Street and Northview Elementary on North Indiana Avenue, as well as renovations at North Kansas City High and the Eastgate and Gateway sixth-grade centers.
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