• Roger Anghis posted an update September 16, 2018 7:28 am

    Islams tolerance seems to have wained a little.
    Al-Qaeda leader: “America the number one enemy of Muslims,” calls on Muslims to attack US
    Marking the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the leader of al-Qaeda on Tuesday called on Muslims to wage war against the United States throughout the world.
    In a 30-minute speech released Tuesday, Ayman al-Zawahiri went to great lengths to portray the United States as a religious enemy of Muslims, using Washington’s transfer of its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as evidence of that enmity.
    The Washington-based SITE group, which monitors media material by militants across the world, released an English transcript of the speech.
    “America [is] the number one enemy of Muslims … despite of its professed secularism,” al-Zawahiri said in the video. He listed 14 directives to fight the United States, including an appeal for Muslim unity and jihadists close ranks.
    Read more here: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2018/09/al-qaeda-leader-america-the-number-one-enemy-of-muslims-calls-on-muslims-to-attack-us