• Roger Anghis posted an update November 8, 2018 3:28 pm

    “Still Happening”: Hundreds of Now Deceased Voters Found in LA Registrar – Some Voted In Elections After Death
    Hundreds of now deceased people have been found to be still eligible to vote in LA county with one dead man voting in multiple elections years after he died.
    An investigation conducted by David Goldstein of CBS Los Angeles discovered 561 people who are now dead are registered as active voters in LA County.
    A 2016 Goldstein investigation found the names of 906 dead people still registered to vote in L.A. County.
    After inputting those names into the county registrar’s voter verification website to see how many are still eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election, CBSLA discovered 561 people who are dead but still registered to vote.
    And it wasn’t people who just recently passed away – they died at least five years ago.
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