• Roger Anghis posted an update January 13, 2019 3:55 pm

    The State Of American Politics
    Since 2016 we have seen the American political arena, at least on the Democrat side, take a dive into the gutter. It started on election day but kicked into high gear the day after. Protests all over the country because Hillary lost. Cars were burned, stores were burned just like the what the conservatives did when Obama won, oh wait. That never happened. Real grownups can handle setbacks, but the millennials today never learned how to lose. Remember when they stopped giving trophies for first place back in the early eighties? Many predicted that there would come a day when they would riot when they didn’t get their way. I know, I was one of them that made that prediction. Common sense tells you that this will happen. The problem is, Democrats don’t have any common sense.

    Those poor students at Berkley were almost forced to hear a conservative speak on their campus. If they hadn’t burned cars and destroyed a bunch of school property, they may have had to listen to a different point of view. Another thing they could have done was simply not gone to hear the speaker.
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