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    The only difference that might occur due to the midterms will be the form of the collapse narrative. Trump may escalate his attention on the Federal Reserve, but with a Democrat majority he will not be able to shut the Fed down, which would have resulted in the loss of world reserve status for the dollar and a monetary crisis may have been prevented. With a Democrat house majority, it is likely the Fed will remain, which means continued rate increases and balance sheet cuts into economic weakness, resulting in a stock and bond crisis. Either of these events will aid the globalists in what they call the “global economic reset”, for the elite’s eventual NWO.
    Economic function and repair are far beyond the scope of any political body to fix when the political dysfunction continues to grow! To believe otherwise is foolhardy. The answer is not replacing one set of political puppets with another set of political puppets, but for regular people to begin localizing their own production and trade — to decouple from dependency on the existing system and start their own local state systems. Only through this, and the removal of the globalist elite tumor from its position of power and influence, will anything ever change for the better.


    Interesting 1984 like solutions, dialog from my friend ………..
    The real winner on Election Day was the Deep State…
    Democrats took back the House yesterday. Republicans kept hold of the Senate.
    Are you afraid to hear stories and ideas the “powers that be” don’t want you to know about? Can you grasp that these horse races between red vs. blue candidates are designed to distract you from what’s really going on?
    Every stable society is eventually controlled by an elite. In the U.S., it is called the Deep State – a fluid collection of elected and unelected insiders. Some are “liberal.” Some are “conservative.” But all elite benefit from the shift of power, money, and status from the common man to themselves.
    It may be a bitter pill to swallow. But the Deep State makes policy decisions in America – no matter who controls Congress, the Senate, or the White House.
    It’s why the Pentagon’s budgets always go up. It’s why Wall Street always gets bailed out. And it’s why more money, power, and status continue to flow to the insiders at the expense of the outsiders, or you!
    It gets worse…
    Deep State insiders now have a new weapon – digital control.
    The Info revolution – with the introduction of the internet and the proliferation of personal computers – was supposed to usher in a new age of economic growth.
    But it did little or nothing to spur GDP growth, wages, or productivity. Mostly, it is a time waster… with the average person now spending five hours a day staring at his mobile phone. About half that time is spent on mindless social media sites that harvest your user data.
    But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a useful club for the feds. Au contraire. In China they’re already whacking people with it, combining the Big Data resources of the World Wide Web with the police state tactics of the Communist Party. And it’s working.
    How about China’s Social Credit System…?
    The Social Credit System is a Frankenstein’s monster of digital surveillance, artificial intelligence, Big Data, and a social network. Think of the Social Credit System as a giant reputation network. Every citizen is assigned a social credit score. This score goes down if you do something the government deems “antisocial” and up for pro.
    It’s part of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s plan to build a digital surveillance, and behavior modification, system based around the principle of “once untrustworthy, always restricted.”
    A poor score comes with various punishments. The feds can ban you from taking flights… getting on trains… and staying in certain hotels. Appears the 1984 syndrome is showing up about 36 years late?
    Earlier this year, one Chinese student was even banned from attending a university he’d been accepted to because his father had a bad social credit score.
    There’s even a pilot program for dog owners.
    In the city of Jinan, in eastern China, the feds now dock the scores of registered dog owners who fail to pick up their dog’s poop or walk their dog without a leash.
    But the system uses the carrot as well as the stick.
    For instance, if you have a high enough score, you don’t have to pay a cash deposit to book a hotel. You can even see your profile boosted on dating websites.
    This is all happening – for now at least – in Communist China…
    Some believe this kind of thing could never happen in the “Land of the Free.” But consider this… If you live in the U.S., you’re used to getting perks or being punished based on your FICO credit score. That’s how China’s Social Credit System started!
    Over the past year, Facebook has also been building out its own way of rating its users’ trustworthiness. As we told you here, it’s now assigning users a “reputation” score that’s not far off from what the Chinese government is developing.
    And now lawmakers in New York are drafting a bill that would allow the feds to trawl through three years of your social media history and one year of web searches before they allow you to buy a gun. This will easily pass with the new democrat house!
    So we’re not as far away from a surveillance state as you may think… especially when you consider China has started to export its model of censorship and surveillance outside its borders.
    Elite Soros, and even Buffett, will be sipping cognac while America burns”…
    How about a leaked document from inside Google HQ that revealed how far the company has gone in embracing online censorship? Censored news?
    Maybe you should be worried about the idea of Big Tech stifling alternative ideas online? Of course, the idea that we all must stand up for all Americans to speak our minds without being afraid, will soon likely be for a price.
    What about social media platforms that are not “free” but charge a nominal maintenance fee? It could hire a few lawyers to police illegal content and allow truly free speech to compete with the sorry excuse for free speech offered by Facebook and Google? Would it be better to pay for “free” speech upfront rather than with mining your data and advertising? Not many of these are out there yet, but many are beginning to show up!
    But not everyone agrees…
    Your Digital Bill of Rights is a perfect example of why Libertarians have made zero impact on America. The U.S. is in a culture war, yet they refuse to endorse and support President Trump; a man who is fighting the Deep State with a courage that a sissified Libertarian cannot even recognize, much less any still loyal democrat. Instead, will you run away when we lose America? Can you afford to? No matter what, elites George Soros and Warren Buffett will still be sipping cognac in their safe spaces, watching from afar while America burns.
    There has been candid and rigorous research into the trimming of information by the companies just named. Private sector businesses have every right to decide what crosses their platforms. On the flip side, there is no obligation on the part of the public to use their products. If Google and Facebook users treasure freedom of thought and speech more than the “free” services offered, then they can stop using that service. Alternatives are cropping up everywhere, just not yet as popular competing with “free”!
    The question is: Can Google, Facebook and others censor and share data as they see fit? Of course, it’s a private business that has the right to work with any government for profit! Your own privacy and “freedom” is totally up to you!
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