The Power of Innovative Collaboration

The Network-

The Constitution Network provides users with the ability to share information via posts, photos and videos, and more. Each member has a full-featured blog from which they can post and reach everyone on the network unrestricted by network algorithms. The author controls if their post is to be viewed by close connections (family or friends), by designated group members or the entire membership on the network.

Similarly, members who join Groups will not have Group information filtered by a network formula that restricts the distribution of group content to its members, as Facebook does to page followers. Members can be assured they will have access to 100% of published information relative to their interests.

All information shared by users is weighted equally. Our digital voice and the pursuit of truth will not be compromised by the left.

Members may also

• email and chat with other network members and receive Notifications of communications,

• filter and search the entire site,

• create, promote and attend Events,

• invite others to join the network or specific Groups on the network.

Robust Collaborative Work Environment

The Constitution Network, or course, allows members to make friends and follow other member’s activities. The Constitution Network affords members the ability to form Groups for their organizations and/or businesses that are equipped with a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate collaborative productivity. Groups may be open to all to join or may private by invitation only or may require application to join to be approved by a Group administrator.

A Group Chat feature allows video conferencing between members in small groups without having to download special software. Group text messaging during the video-conference enables sharing links and data.

Each Group contains a Doc sharing module for storing relevant group information or collaborating/producing word documents, which may be editing by all or selected group members. A History of Changes tracks editions to the document.

A Project Management tool with full Milestone Tracking is available within each Group. Projects may be categorized and assigned, with assignments appearing on Members own notification page. Project calendars track progress and updates. Reports may be filed per co-worker, time, project and status.

Each member has their own Events Calendar where group events or personal events may be updated.

The entire Constitution Network is highly responsive to work on desktops, tablets, iPhones, Android phones and all Windows devices.

Amazingly, the Constitution Network is FREE to users over 16 years of age.

Log onto today and harness the innovation and powerful tools.  

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