When Pop- Culture Fanaticism Overtakes Journalism: A Flawed Portrait of Cody Wilson

After numerous and dizzying twists and turns, the arduous saga of Cody Wilson and the 3D printed gun legal circus has finally achieved a tedious level of buoyancy with a temporary stop at the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  While the impending decision of the court piques the interest of multiple facets of special interests groups in the US and encapsulates a global audience, the mainstream press has yet to utilize their big guns in attempting to thoroughly and professionally investigate and assess the nuances of  Mr. Wilson’s character depth and character.  In the wake of this “wait and see attitude” employed by media syndicates, the tawdry and superficial front line of implied journalism responsible for upholding this worthy task has unabashedly failed in both quality and premise synonymous to the underlying notion of the First Amendment.


Metaphorically, the stable of writers who have thus far brandished their artistic pens in an attempt to render Wilson’s  persona and influence, rival a sacrificial tribe of pop-culture intellectuals awaiting a prolonged occupation of the Bio-Dome (each armed exclusively with weapons of literary mechanisms).  The latest winner crystallizes within the wondrous causeways of The Guardian’s network with this piece, written by Adam Popescu.   Popescu chooses to construct a chalky narrative ranging from Wilson’s alleged lack of core exercises to the framework and presence of Nihilism.  As the dense philosophical missive resonates with popcorn loving movie aficionados, Wilson’s former Law School Professor provides a hand to the back of the head as to the obdurate convolution within the text and the obvious deviation from key arguments.  “Mitch Berman, who taught Wilson at law school, remembers him fondly, but “didn’t get the impression that his commitment was deeply philosophical, but rather something he realized was doable, and wanted to be the guy to do it.”

In other words, do not employ semi-pros in the examination of a complex issue and a polarizing individual.  The readers deserve better.

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